Storm Reveal Extent of Injuries

Now that the Campbell River Storm season is over, revelations about the sacrifices and efforts that athletes go through to become Champions has been divulged.

The coaching staff revealed on Tuesday that half the line-up were battling through some sort of injury during the playoffs. It sounds as though Jami Harris and Larry Adams earned their Bronze medals at the Cyclone Taylor Cup; they were very busy patching up this squad. Storm General Manager, Lee Stone, was also quick to acknowledge Dr. Mark Lund, the team physician, for his work away from the ice.  

The injury bug struck the club with a vengeance in January when at one point 3 of their 4 top scorers were sidelined. Gage Colpron, Braeden Cyra, Alex Rosolowsky, Reece Costain and Jake Mullen were cheering the team on from the stands. Despite the setbacks, the Storm found ways to win and were undefeated in the final 17 games of the regular season.

Most fans know that Colpron had suffered a third degree shoulder separation that was supposed to end his season and Junior career. He came back in the playoffs perhaps too soon. According to the Captain, “Maybe I shouldn’t have played as much as I did. I’ve asked myself, is it worth it? The answer is yes every single time.”

At the end of the VIJHL North Division Finals, almost on the last play, netminder Jake Mullen suffered a Grade 2 separation of the MCL in his knee and was sidelined for the league final. He came back for the CTC only to re aggravate the injury.

Michal Holub, who was a playoff standout, was working through knee and wrist issues along with a severe charley horse.

Colin Blake was dealing with a broken nose.

Dylan McCann and Cole Slaney both experienced a Grade 2 separation on the AC joint (where the clavicle meets the shoulder).

The list goes on and on:

Alex Brewer – In addition, to the stitches he received in the Bronze medal game, he was playing through a great deal of pain and swelling on his knee (Bursitis - excess fluids on the bursa sac).

Darryl Senholt – Torn cartilage in his chest along with bronchitis.

Braeden Cyra – knee injury at the beginning of the playoffs.

Carter Hikichi and Will Warm – jammed wrists.

Riley Welyk – Hip joint inflammation.

Christian Brandt – Blood poisoning and an allergic reaction to medication.

Austin Steger – Tendon and ligament aggravation from the broken ankle he suffered earlier in the season.

And, of course, there was the flu that made the rounds.

Despite all the maladies, the Campbell River Storm made it to the Cyclone Taylor Cup and finished the season as the third ranked BC team in the best Junior B jurisdiction in North America, BC Hockey.

There are those that feel that the youth of today are soft, staring down at their cell phones and having life delivered to them on a silver platter. In 2015-16, there was a group of young men in a dressing room at the corner of Rod Brind’Amour Arena that proved just the opposite. 

- submitted by Mark Berry

Wednesday, April 13, 2016