Lee Stone

 “The bottom line is that for the 2018/2019 season we have one goal or should I say one gold. We want gold medals around our necks at the Brindy in April.”

It’s been six years since Lee Stone wore down Storm ownership and talked his way into a head coaching position (he’ll openly admit that he was relentless). What a wonderful stretch for arguably one of the most successful junior hockey programs in the province.

During the Stone era, the Campbell River Storm have captured 3 league championships, appeared at the Cyclone Taylor Cup four times winning Gold, Silver and Bronze and have won the Western Canadians. Quite an achievement in just 5 complete seasons.

Coming into the 2018/2019 campaign, Lee’s all-time record  behind the bench (regular season, playoffs, tournaments) is 241 wins, 65 losses, 9 ties and 19 overtime losses for a .750 career win percentage (his regular season win percentage is .781). Pretty impressive for a young man who hasn’t turned 30 yet.

If you thought that an incredible record and all that hardware would be Lee’s high points, you’d only be partially right. “Tyler Welsh calling me and telling me he was going to Yale or Gavin Rauser committing to the Powell River Kings and seeing his excitement were right up there. The wins are special, but we’ve made a lot of dreams come true; it’s all about the connections you make.”

Lee grew up and played his minor hockey in Surrey where he has many great memories of those days including provincial championships. “In Midget we won Provincials at home in overtime and in Juvenile, we won the BC’s up in Prince George; those were fun times”

He bounced around in Junior, “You name a small town, I’ve been there, I think it’s almost a prerequisite to coaching.” Lee played with a number of Junior teams including Merritt, Port Moody, Sicamous and Comox (11 points in 13 games).

Some of his fondest memories are of his incredible experiences in US College hockey, including a hattrick with Arizona State, “My biggest highlight was the hattrick against rival Arizona; for some reason the AU fans didn’t like me, everytime we went down to Tuscon, they’d have signs making fun of me which was pretty neat, I’ll never forget it.” From Arizona State, he went to another strong hockey program, Minot State. “I went from blazing sun to snow and cold but I had fun with Minot.”

Unfortunately for many, their playing days are numbered and for Lee that was the case. “Craig Sherbaty was a big influence on me in the late stages of my playing career. I came back from Minot with some injuries and Craig, who ran Pacific Titans, hired me on for office work and some coaching.” From there, Lee went on to coach Bantam and Midget teams in Surrey before landing the coaching assignment with the Campbell River Storm.

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