Mike Dyck

Nickname: Mikey 58
Calgary, AB
Favorite Food:
Career Goals:
Business Degree
Hockey Goals:
College or Europe

“I am super excited to come to Campbell River and show Lee and the fan’s what I’ve got.”

                                                                                                      Mike Dyck – August 2, 2018.

In the off-season, Mike Dyck was acquired in exchange for the playing rights to fan favourite Cody Savey. Mike led the KIJHL Columbia Valley Rockies in scoring last season earning 47 points in 42 games.

The 20 year old forward also played with the Fernie Ghostriders. Over three KI seasons he averaged just under a point per game and demonstrated his presence. He’s made the KIJHL’s “Who’s Hot in the KI” list multiple times and was recognized as a game star on 9 occasions.

Last season the big forward (6’3, 180 pounds) showed some great skills, “I can see the ice really well, I’m more of a set up guy. I like to make the smartest play possible and as much as I like passing, I do like to score goals and be that top guy.”

According to Head Coach Lee Stone, “Dyckie is one of the most talented players I have coached in my time with the Campbell River Storm. A smooth centreman that uses his reach to his advantage and has next level vision with the puck. He always knows where to be and has the talent to pull off moves that make defenders spin in circles trying to check him. Fans will remember Brendan DeVries and although a lofty comparison they are similar players.”

Storm broadcaster Mark Berry has noted that while talking with other broadcasters, the talk eventually comes around to Mike Dyck and his puck moving ability, “for a big guy he has some moves and more than a few play-by-play guys have expressed surprise at his ability to find open ice.”

Mike grew up and played his minor hockey in Calgary with the Buffaloes program. “In my first year of Midget we won the Sutter Cup Minor Midget AAA championship, which was pretty awesome.”

In talking about his minor hockey experience, Mike wanted to be clear that he owes one coach a great deal. “I’d like to give a big shout out to Jeff Wagner who got promoted to Head Coach (and General Manager) of the Fernie Ghostriders. He’s an amazing coach, the best I’ve ever had.” Jeff was a coach in the Calgary Buffaloes program with the Blackhawks before heading to the KIJHL himself.

Number 58’s goals for the season are simple, “Gold.” Asked to expand on it he adds, “My goal is to have a good year, be productive for the team, but the end goal is to win a championship for my teammates and the fans, then Gold at the Cyclone.”

This is his final year of Junior and Mike wants to continue playing beyond this season, “I’d like to be in college playing hockey but I’d love to play in Europe. I’ve talked with Lee about that. So going overseas might be in my future if I work hard enough.”