Jackson Dyke

Nickname: Dyker 9
Comox, BC
Favorite Food:
Career Goals:
Hockey Goals:

Jackson Dyke’s biggest goal of the season came on Sunday (March 10th) at 12:23 of the first. While on a foray down low he found the puck lying in the blue paint and put it away for the Game 7 winner over a very difficult Panthers club.

Jackson describes the winner, “We went to a 2-3 system, I pinched down the wall, Hardsy put the puck out in the slot, Trempsy took a shot and I was the right guy right place. A packed Brindy, fans going crazy, it was an amazing feeling.”

The seventeen year old from Comox has logged a lot of ice time in his rookie season and with that he gained experience which has been a huge factor in his play of late. In Game six of the opening series, his play stood out in a corps of some pretty outstanding defenders. “We’ve got a lot of older D-men that have really helped me out; Curs, Slanes, Moose, Rads, they’ve been great mentors that have really helped me improve.”

In the regular season, Jackson earned 16 point (2 goals, 14 assists) and has 2 in the postseason (1 goal, 1 assist).

The former Pacific Coast Hockey Academy Sea Devil, 20 points in 34 games last year,  describes his style rather simply, “I’m good defensively and offensively I make a good first pass.” Since he won’t, the author will offer a few more descriptors. How about a very good skater who can move the puck well.

Most athletes will tell you that they wouldn’t be playing the sport they love without the incredible support they’ve received from family and coaches along the way. Like so many, Jackson’s first thanks is to his parents who have supported him on his journey. He also points to Tony Wishart, “In Comox, he was my defensive coach who really helped me out in Bantam, a great coach and a good guy.”

If you think you as fans don’t make a difference, Number 9 wants you to think again, “It’s unreal at the Brindy. You’ve got 1000 people screaming and cheering; everyone is into it, I mean everyone is loving it and it helped us so much especially when we were down 3-1 in the series.”

At the beginning of the season when asked what his goals were, he said only 2 words, “Win Cyclone.” Since then he’s added a bit more. “We don’t want any time off before Cyclone. We’re not looking at this like we’ll be there no matter what. We want to win it all but right now we’re focussed on just one thing, this series against Saanich.”