Great News For Storm Players and Community

Monday, April 29, 2013

The Campbell River Storm Jr. Hockey Club is pleased to announce its new Campbell River Storm Community Bursary / Scholarship Program with special thanks to the Campbell River Rotary Club Foundation.  This new program will serve both players and other young people in our community who are interested in pursuing post secondary education.

It has long been the desire of our club to offer such a program in this community and we are thrilled that the program has become a reality. Much time and effort have gone into this process and it would not have been possible without the hard work of many individuals.

So why did we do this? Why a need for such a program? The answer is quite simple. 
The Campbell River Storm believe in the development of our players in a global sense. The players are expected to set an example for youth.  We aren’t just developing players but people. Young men that are part of this community and that have an expectation to grow in every aspect of life so they can give back in the same areas. Part of that development is education and preparing for your future. We believe that education is the underpinning of success, and we want each player to have the opportunity to be successful. But as the title indicates, this is not just for hockey players. Every community is filled with young people oozing with talent and possibilities but sadly for many, not enough opportunities. By extending this program to the community, it is our desire that more individuals will have the chance to reach their goals.

Beginning this year (2013), the program will award 5 bursary / scholarships of $1500 each. It is our plan and hope that this can continue each and every year as we move forward, but the program is wholly dependent on donations from the public. The Rotary Club will use the current process they have in place for awarding the funds independently from the team.  As the fundraising grows so will the number of funds available for players and community youth alike.  Fundraising events both for the team and in conjunction with the Rotary Club will be ongoing throughout the year. All donations made, qualify for Charitable Tax Status and receipts will be issued through the Campbell River Rotary Club Foundation. These awards will have strict criteria and the Rotary Club will choose recipients, with a primary focus on financial need and grades.