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PlayerNumber ColourWinning BidWinner
 Murphy 1 Black $130Travis Hunter
   Red $175Jami Harris
 Kinley 7 Black $110Wendy Kinley
   Red $130Lindsey McLean
 Prexler 8 Black $100Victoria Trerice
   Red $100Izzy Castle
 Porter 11 Black $100Karen Adams
   Red $100Adrianne Goodie
 Kaufmann 12 Black $110Cherylr Taylor
   Red $160Wayne Brownhill
 13 Red $265Lee Jack
 Butler 16 Black $110Sydney Vanderwood
  Red $130Shailyn Corder
 17 Red
 $160Glen McKenzie
 Wheeldon 18 Black $100Tracy Roper
 $125Rhonda Corder
 Gage 19 White $120Betty Gage
   Red $135Laurie Gage
 Price 20 Red $300Nathan Ambers
 Lindsay  Red $125Heather Brownhill
 Cursley 28 White $110Daryl McDonald
   Red $100Ken McRann
 Messer 29 White $100Izzy Castle
   Red $110Alain Chatigny
 Anderson 36 Red $100Lynda Murphy
 Frank 43 Red $185Don Corder
 Sutherland 44 Black $100Mathew Basso
   Red $125Jay Uhlman
 Stapley 71 White $250Dick Knowels
   Red $155Wes Roed
 Hards 81 Red $300Tammy Beaulieu
 Slaney 91 Red $190Robin Slaney
 McCann 92 White $130Reg Eaton
   Red $150Val McDonald
  Red  $100
James Share
 Daniel 9 Black $100
Mark Berry
   Red $110Lynda Murphy
 Davis Frank 14 Black $100Daelynn Hutchinson
   Red $145Don Corder
 Fontana  Red $100
Shailyn Corder
 Garand  Red  $100
Kim Solberg
 Fladager 59 Black $105Lee Jack
   Red $120Rhonda Corder
 Schovanek 77 Red $100Mark Berry